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Project & Construction Management


We offer expertise during all phases of your project to effectively and creatively achieve your objectives. Overseeing projects on your behalf whether they are large-scale restorations or smaller, targeted improvements.


Tālō Winery Services acts as a true partner with an alignment of objectives in development and construction of wineries. Our team brings proven experience managing construction projects and unmatched expertise in land use and the development of a site.

Our Construction Management Services include but are not limited to: Design Development, Entitlements & Government Approvals, Vendor Management, Preconstructions, and Construction Management.

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“Tālō has managed projects small and large, as well as overseen preventative maintenance for us. They have done this with attention to detail and great communication. They have allowed our staff to focus on our jobs and not get distracted with facility-related items.”
Eric C. Mohseni
Director of Winemaking & Vineyard Operations
Zaca Mesa Winery & Vineyards

“They not only saved us money but delivered better than-expected quality outcomes, on-time, within budget.”
Paul Pease
General Manager
Zaca Mesa Winery & Vineyards