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Facility Maintenance Options

Ongoing facility maintenance for the cost of one part-time staff

winemaker02Ongoing maintenance is essential to maximize the production of your facility, and to avoid the expense and downtime to fix inefficient or broken equipment. Tālō Winery Services (TWS) provides a menu of maintenance service options, tailored to your needs, which will keep your facility functioning smoothly, reduce costs through energy efficiency, and maximize product quality and output.

Our maintenance services are available on a weekly, monthly, quarterly, or as-needed basis. Choose just one service option or combine them in a comprehensive maintenance package. Whatever you select, you will receive the services of several “troubleshooters” (equipment repair, compliance expert, facility inspector, etc.) for about the cost of ONE part-time staff. An experienced TWS maintenance professional will ensure that your facility is being properly maintained, and that issues are identified and resolved quickly before they lead to costly repairs.

Our maintenance service options include:

Preventative Maintenance

By performing regular inspections of your facility and production systems on a monthly basis, we will identify and correct situations before they become problems, and avoid the expense and lost productivity due to equipment down-time. Preventive maintenance can be performed on condensers, compressors, cooling, insulation, tanks, piping, wells, storm water, waste water, harvesting equipment, and other components.

On-Call Repair Services

When facility or system-related issues arise, we will provide local on-call emergency response to troubleshoot issues quickly and effectively, with minimal disruption to your operations. Services can include basic handy-man repairs, inefficient equipment replacement, new equipment installation, system maintenance checks, and more.

Energy Assessments

TWS can help control production costs by tailoring a comprehensive energy management plan that identifies no-cost/low-cost energy and operational efficiencies into new or existing facilities. Services include an energy analysis of existing systems and equipment, program design assistance for planned projects, equipment upgrades, project management, and staff education and training. We work closely with Pacific Gas & Electric (PG&E) and their wine industry third-party (CleaResult) resources to secure project incentives and financing, calculation and documentation for custom incentives, and ensure post-installation verification requirements.

Facility Management

TWS provides comprehensive Winery Facility Management Services which include; project management, on-call repair services and preventative maintenance. Our inspections are tailored to meet the specific requirements of your winery, using continuous communication and proactive approaches to resolving issues. These services improve operations and efficiency, while lowering costs and optimizing production.

“Their preventative maintenance scrutiny has helped prevent numerous potentially costly problems before they became catastrophic issues.”
Paul Pease
General Manager
Zaca Mesa Winery & Vineyards