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Winery Facility Solutions to Maximize Production, Reduce Costs & Downtime Whether you are preparing for harvest, bottling, building a new winery, retrofitting old equipment, or implementing technology upgrades, Tālō Winery Services (TWS) provides energy-efficient solutions

More About Us

Winery Inspections

The logical first step to improving your winery operations is to identify how it is currently performing. TWS Inspections provide a low-cost, detailed inspection of your winery infrastructure, systems, and equipment. Think of it as a routine check-up of your winery.


Facility Maintenance Options

Ongoing maintenance is essential to maximize the production of your facility, and to avoid the expense and downtime to fix inefficient or broken equipment. We provide a menu of maintenance service options which will keep your facility functioning smoothly, reduce costs, and maximize product quality and output.


Our Compliance Approach

Safety is paramount throughout a winery facility; from the crush pad to barrel storage, safety is a must have. Ensuring stairways, catwalks, hangers, and piping are in impeccable form helps mitigate many risks associated with working in an industrial environment.